Been thinking of starting tumblr back up again. I need somewhere to put all my thoughts since I feel as if everywhere else isn’t safe. Well here I am.

I’m kinda getting real sick of the crying. Everyday it seems to be something different. I am so over long distance to the point where I don’t want to do it at all anymore. Don’t even feel like eating much anymore, when normally I would inhale any food in sight. I’m sick of being broke, but now that I’m on campus 4 days just for classes and prac I don’t really have time to get a job but then I probably couldn’t find one anyway. I don’t have any friends. Like any. My closest things to friends would be my housemates, who are actually barely ever home anyway. I still can’t really count on them though, they’re just too busy and I don’t want to put my problems on to them. It’s only week two of classes and I’m already feeling overwhelmed by the coming weeks.
I’m so lonely.
I thought this would help more but now I’m just realizing how bad everything is.

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